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Tailor made Cortex and PostgresPURE Training and Workshops

Whatever level you currently work at, there’s always more to learn when it comes to PostgresPURE and Cortex. All our workshops are tailor-made to ensure you get exactly the training you need.

PostgresPURE Training Workshops

PostgresPURE for DBAs

This workshop is perfect for those who have chosen to use PostgresPURE as the standard for their PostgreSQL environments. During the workshop your experts (DBA’s) will be trained in the full scope and possibilities of PostgresPURE, together with its various components and implemented structure. We’ll also cover how the database works to make it easier to undertake day-to-day tasks. Once the session is complete, you’ll be able to review the whole content of the workshop using the provided slides and our external wiki.

Advanced PostgresPURE for DBAs

This workshop is designed for companies who have implemented and currently use PostgresPURE, and would like to give your DBA’s additional training about PostgreSQL and the other PostgresPURE components. Your Splendid Data lecturer will dive deep in the technical details, covering subjects such as performance, optimisation, and tips and tricks. The workshop is really interactive and can also be tailored to fit any specific topics you’d like to cover.

Cortex Training Workshop

Cortex – how to use

We designed this workshop for those who are going to use Cortex to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. Our specialists, who actually developed Cortex, will be available as part of the session. The aim of the workshop is to build on your existing understanding of Oracle and PostgreSQL, and apply this in relation to deploying and using Cortex.

We’ll train your experts in using the capabilities of Cortex, how to interpret the assessment and migration reports of Cortex – building trust in your organisation in your ability to scope out a migration. We’ll also give them expert tuition on how to finish the migration by using the outcome of a Cortex migration by deploying it to GIT and JIRA.

What developers need to know

During the workshop our experts will go into detail about the difference between Oracle and PostgreSQL, giving your developers access to years of knowledge and tips on how to develop efficient PL/pgSQL code for PostgreSQL.

Over many years, our specialists have gained invaluable insight and knowledge in assessing and migrating Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. This knowledge forms a key component of the workshop, with the entire session made available afterwards by providing our Oracle to PostgreSQL Cookbook.

Interested in our workshops?

If you would like more information about a training workshop or to book a session, please get in touch and we’ll talk through how we might be of service to you.