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100% open source, PostgresPURE creates a standard that makes the most of all the features of PostgreSQL. Power up your world.

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“We deployed PostgresPURE in combination with IBM Power systems in a twin-datacentre setup along with High-Availability failover. This setup runs with great satisfaction for our systems that produce and process many millions of transactions day to day to deliver all parcels on time and to the right place every day.”
– Pierre-Yves Rouzaud, Director of Projects, Mondial Relay

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PostgresPURE. 100% open source
Enterprise-ready PostgreSQL

PostgresPURE is PostgreSQL combined with a powerful set of 100% open source software tools that allow you to setup and manage your PostgreSQL database environments in a highly stable and robust way. Its stability makes it perfect for any size organisations allowing them to fully rely on the availability and accuracy of their data.

A PostgresPURE subscription comes with predictable release management, and around the clock seven days a week premium support.

It’s like using Oracle, but much easier, without any lock-ins, and at a far lower cost.

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How is PostgresPURE composed?

PostgresPURE has been developed to provide you with as much functionality as possible on the basis of convenience and ease of use. All components are 100% open source (free of charge) and in essence you only pay for the premium support and the release management. ­­­

PostgresPURE components

PostgreSQL database

The world’s most advanced open source relational database.


A leading connection pooler for setting up highly redundant environments.


A highly trusted replication and failover manager for PostgreSQL server clusters.


Provides spatial objects for storing information about location and mapping.


Removes bloat from tables and indexes to keep your database performing.


Shell scripts making your PostgreSQL life even more easier.


For tracking execution plan statistics of all SQL statements executed by a server.


A powerful database management tool built for ease of use.


A detailed session and/or object audit logging via the standard PostgreSQL facility.


Robust backup and recovery managers for planning backup and disaster recovery.


Allows user to run arbitrary command in a background worker.


Creating and managing both time-based and serial-based table partition sets.

Enterprise Job Scheduler

Contact us to create a bespoke enterprise ready scheduler.

Features & Benefits

24/7 premium Support

A PostgresPURE subscription gives you access to our world-class, 24-7 premium support based on key SLAs. Depending on the nature or severity of the issue, we’ll either help you through our online ticking system, or via telephone. Rest assured, we’re always online and ready to help.


PostgresPURE is setup to make it possible for you to maintain a standard for PostgreSQL and associated components, to prevent sprawling, and to allow you to stay in control

Release Management

Open source software means updates at the speed of innovation. Besides PostgreSQL, PostgresPURE consists of all kinds of components, each with their own release cycle. Splendid Data checks for every major and minor release of PostgreSQL to ensure these components remain in sync with PostgreSQL and the release policy of the PostgreSQL community.


We’re one of the leading specialists in PostgreSQL – knowledge and expertise that’s ready to work for you when needed. No matter how complex the problem, we provide clarity and clear steps to solve it.

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“We deliver our Makelaarsuite, a standard solution which includes more than 100 interfaces available out-of-the-box that are implemented in cooperation with around 90 different suppliers, combined with PostgresPURE. Our Makelaarsuite is implemented with more than 60 municipals now using the reliable combination of Makelaarsuite and PostgresPURE on-premise or in our own cloud environment.”

Jelmer van der Windt
Product Manager Makelaarsuite, PinkRoccade Local Government

“We deployed PostgresPURE in combination with IBM Power systems in a twin-datacentre setup along with High-Availability failover. This setup runs with great satisfaction for our systems that produce and process many millions of transactions day to day to deliver all parcels on time and to the right place every day.”

Pierre-Yves Rouzaud
Director of Projects, Mondial Relay

PostgresPURE versions, platforms
and Release support policy

FAQs about PostgresPURE

Why should I choose PostgresPURE?

PostgresPURE is a cutting-edge software product that creates an enterprise-ready environment using PostgreSQL (community version) combined with additional open source components to offer you a standardised, future-proof and easy to launch and manage your PostgreSQL database environments including 24-7 SLA based technical support, and a steady and predictable release policy.

Can PostgresPURE be used in a virtualised environment?

Yes, it can be deployed either on virtualised or on bare metal – either way. Your choice of deployment depends on specific needs. In many cases a virtual setup works perfectly, but in some cases it might be best to choose a bare metal setup.

Can PostgresPURE be used in a cloud environment?

Of course, but the cloud providers like Azure, AWS and GCP offer managed PostgreSQL by default. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

Is PostgresPURE for free?

PostgresPURE is purchased on a subscription basis. On the basis of the subscription you get access to our repository to download the desired version and future new versions of PostgresPURE, you get access to our extensive knowledge base (wiki) and of course you get access to our online helpdesk for 24-7 SLA based support.

What will the future of PostgresPURE look like?

Our engineers are always finding new improvements ensuring PostgresPURE is in a constant cycle of innovation. As our customers know, we follow the release schedule of the PostgreSQL community and Splendid Data releases PostgresPURE every quarter.