Full Migration Service

We’ll take care of everything

If you have a limited number of Oracle databases, we can migrate them to PostgreSQL for a fixed price per database. Just sit back, relax and let the pros take full responsibility for migrating your Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

A migration service that takes worry out of the equation

Our professional migration service will take care of the entire process of migrating your Oracle database to PostgreSQL – even making sure there’s no downtime at cutover. Using Cortex (our world-class migration software), our specialists will seamlessly move your Oracle database to PostgreSQL, and importantly, undertake all the applicable manual adjustments. Our specialists are industry-leaders in both Oracle and PostgreSQL so your database is in the safest of hands. And for additional peace of mind, we’ll stay in close contact with your experts every step of the way.

Benefits of our Migration Service

Expert migration by the pros

Not only are our software engineers specialists in both Oracle and PostgreSQL, they’ve also migrated a huge variety of complex Oracle databases using our Cortex product. Such experience ensures everything goes as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Total peace of mind

From the end-to-end of the migration project, our specialists are there to ensure everything goes according to plan. Once everything is working correctly you will be ready to start deployment to production wherever you want.

Get the best out of PostgreSQL

Due to our extensive experience with migrations, our specialists understand the best way to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL. They can even make adjustments for specific situations, for example to create your desired performance.

No vendor lock-in

Once we’ve fully migrated your Oracle database to native PostgreSQL you’ll no longer be locked-in to a vendor. Feels great doesn’t it. Total database freedom – just as it should be.

Here’s how it works

First, let’s check on your database type

You’ll receive a script from Splendid Data that will extract the applicable Oracle Catalog Views (meta data). These output files will need to be sent to Splendid Data. We’ll then plug this data into our specialist Cortex software ready for Migration.

Next, Migration of the DDL (Oracle Data Objects)

One by one the applicable Oracle Data Objects are evaluated and translated into native PostgreSQL format. If we need to make any manual adjustments to the migrated DDL (Data Objects), we’ll consult your experts before we do anything. After performing any adjustments, we re-run parts of the DDL migration process again.

Then we migrate the DML (Oracle Code Objects)

After finalizing the migration of the DDL, the migration of the DML will start. Each Oracle Code Objects (PL/SQL) is semantically translated within its context (including dependencies) to native PostgreSQL (PL/pgSQL). Each Code Object that’s been translated will now be evaluated and analysed for programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors and suspicious constructs.

Manual adjustments

Based on the reports that are produced in the previous steps, our experts will make all manual adjustments to complete the overall migration. All adjustments are captured and tracked by Jira, our issue management system – so the whole process is fully transparent.

Finally, we deliver the results

That’s it, all done. So we can deliver the results via GIT, you’ll need a PostgreSQL DTAP-environment on your side. Once done, you’re able to deploy the results in your environment. Now it’s over to you. But should you run in any unexpected results as you begin testing, just let us know and we’ll help to solve the issue via GIT. Once all blocking issues are dealt with, you’re finally free of Oracle.

Who’s it for?

Companies with a just few Oracle databases

If you only have a limited number of Oracle databases, we’ll give you fixed price per database to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL using Cortex, our specialist migration software. Before we do this though, we’ll need to complete a Migration Assessment.

Need any help?

Our expertise is always on call

If you need any help from us regarding data migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL for test and/or production purposes, don’t hesitate to contact us. For example, we’re able to migrate your data from Oracle to PostgreSQL without any cutover downtime, regardless of the volume of your database. We can even synchronize data back from PostgreSQL to Oracle, for a defined timeframe, to realize a fallback to Oracle when necessary. We have all the solutions – just drop us a line.

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