Migration Scoping

From Oracle to PostgreSQL: Analyse your Oracle environment

Small investment.
Smart review.
Great insights.

Whether you have a few or up to 5,000+ Oracle databases, our Migration Scoping service will give you in no time valuable insights into their complexity and the time needed to migrate your Oracle database(s) to PostgreSQL. Valuable information for your masterplan Oracle to PostgreSQL migration.

Oracle to PostgreSQL migration – Insights through overview

Get instant insight with our Migration Scoping

With many organizations engaged in digital transformation, in which the cloud plays an important role, Oracle database migrations is a hot topic when it comes to creating freedom & flexibility and cutting costs. Before you start migrating your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL, you will first want to fully understand what the overall impact will be.

Since every database ecosystem is different, it is worth knowing how complex it will be to migrate each Oracle database in production to PostgreSQL. Using our Migration Scoping service, we can assess each Oracle database you have in production and discover whether migration to PostgreSQL will be very simple, simple, moderately complex or complex, including the estimated time required to migrate each Oracle database to PostgreSQL. Once Migration Scoping is complete, you will have valuable information at your disposal for your Oracle to PostgreSQL migration master plan.

In our Migration Scoping software, we have incorporated the knowledge of our Cortex product. Cortex enables you to migrate your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL in a highly automated way. 

Selection of companies who trust our products and services

Our overall approach

Limited number of migrations

Our offering:

  • Migration Scoping – free of charge.
  • Cortex Assessment service per Oracle database – fixed price and depends on the complexity of each migration (based on the Migration Scoping results).
  • Cortex Migration service per Oracle to PostgreSQL migration – fixed price based on the Cortex Assessment results.

Substantial number of migrations

Our offering:

  • Migration Scoping – price per Oracle database.
  • Cortex Assessment/Migration – License fee based on Migration Scoping results.

Are you curious? It only takes us a few days!

Manual analysis and estimation doesn’t scale

Migration Scoping can smartly analyse your Oracle databases in production to see if they are suitable to be migrated to native PostgreSQL.
It gives you a complete picture and insight into the elements that will need

to be taken into account during your migration to PostgreSQL. It also gives you an estimate of the time it will take per Oracle database to perform the migration to PostgreSQL.

50 databases × 4 hrs (manual)

25 days

200 databases × 4 hrs (manual)

100 days

600 databases × 4 hrs (manual)

300 days

600 databases with Migration Scoping

5 days

For example : Migration Scoping offered by Splendid Data for 600 Oracle databases takes 5 days and includes automated analysis and time estimation, and expert analysis based on data mining.

Uniformity, with Migration Scoping you are assured that the same models apply to every database.

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