Migration Scoping

Initial Analysis

Quick review.
Great insight.

Whether you have 5 or 5,000+ Oracle databases, our Migration Scoping service will give you a valuable insight into their complexity so you are able to plan your migration strategy.

Get an instant lay of the land with our Migration Scoping

Every database ecosystem is different and so we need to understand how complex your specific migration will be for the Oracle databases you have in production. Using our Migration Scoping service, we can assess every Oracle database you have in production, and discover if the migration will be VERY SIMPLE, SIMPLE, MEDIUM COMPLEX or COMPLEX for each database. Once complete, your business will have invaluable data that will inform the planning of your Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations.

Benefits of our Migration Scoping

Any number. Any size.

We can assess any number of Oracle databases.

Migration Insight

Helps to plan your move from Oracle.

Oracle friendly

Works perfectly with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

HTML Output

Quickly see the results and accelerate plans.

How it works

First, we send you a file

You’ll receive a script from Splendid Data that will extract a subset of the Oracle Catalog Views (meta data). The script is easy to integrate with your Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Next, your Oracle databases introduce themselves

Once you’re all set, the script can be put to work on each Oracle database in turn – with a separate output file created for each one. These output files will need to be sent to Splendid Data. We’ll then plug this data into our specialist Migration Scoping software for assessment and qualification.

Now we know how big a project it is to migrate

Once this final stage is complete, a HTML page is created for each database you give you key insights into the complexity of the migration. This is invaluable when creating a detailed plan to migrate a large number of Oracle databases to PostgreSQL.

And finally, your database is ranked

Once the Migration Scoping is complete, we’ll understand if the migration to PostgreSQL will be VERY SIMPLE, SIMPLE, MEDIUM COMPLEX or COMPLEX for each individual Oracle database. At this stage, we’re also able to give you a guide on the time you’ll need to complete each migration.

Who’s it for?

Companies with 5 or (much) more Oracle databases

Those organisations who want to know what will happen when they migrate their Oracle databases to PostgreSQL – so they can plan ahead.

Ready to start your Migration Scoping?

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