Migration Assessment

Detailed Analysis

In-depth review before migration

Available at a fixed price per database, we’ll undertake a dry run of a full migration to give a precise insight into how every aspect of the database will migrate. Once we have the results, we can also give you a fixed price to complete the actual migration.

Our Migration Assessment takes things to another level

Our Migration Assessment service uncovers the full condition of your database and reports what objects will be migrated automatically, and what will need manual adjustment. Once complete, we’re able to give you a detailed fixed price quote to do the actual migration for you. We’ll take care of everything.

If you only have a limited number of Oracle databases, we can offer you a Migration Assessment at a fixed price per database. An assessment creates dry run of a full migration to give you a precise insight into how every aspect of your database will migrate. We’ll give you the results with a fixed price quote to do the actual migration. Yes, very clever stuff.

Benefits of our Migration Assessment service

In-depth analysis

Provides an in-depth analysis of what will happen to your Oracle database when you migrate to PostgreSQL.

Accurate results

As we perform an actual migration during the assessment, you’ll get the most accurate results possible.

Database health

Gain an overview of the health of your Oracle database and the ability to migrate.

Fixed price migration

We’ll give you fixed price quote to undertake the actual migration from start to finish.

Here’s how it works

First, let’s check on your database type

You’ll receive a script from Splendid Data that will extract the applicable Oracle Catalog Views (meta data). These output files will need to be sent to Splendid Data. We’ll then plug this data into our specialist Cortex software for an in-depth Migration Assessment.

Next, Migration of the DDL (Oracle Data Objects)

That’s right, the Migration Assessment performs migration dry run to give the most accurate results. One by one the applicable Oracle Data Objects are evaluated and translated into native PostgreSQL format. We also assess the general health of your database looking for things like valid/invalid objects and foreign key mismatches.

Then we migrate the DML (Oracle Code Objects)

Now we’ll migrate the Oracle Code Objects (PL/SQL to PL/pgSQL). Each object is translated using a highly sophisticated context related semantic approach. It’s cutting-edge stuff. It takes into account dependencies between objects and then applies the best translation for the Code Objects based on the context.

And now we’ll check the code

Each Code Object that’s been translated will now be evaluated and analysed for programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors and suspicious constructs. That’s it, all done.

Finally, we create the reports

The last step is to collect the results and produce the final Migration Assessment reports (in CSV-files) and give you a fixed price offer for Splendid Data to migrate your Oracle database to PostgreSQL for you.

Who’s it for?

Companies with a just few Oracle databases

If you only have a limited number of Oracle databases, we’ll give you fixed price per database to complete a Migration Assessment. Once it’s complete, we’ll give you the results together a fixed price to undertake the migration for each Oracle database for you. So you can just sit back, relax and let Splendid Data do it all for you.

Ready for a Migration Assessment?

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