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Smart, fast and easy to use.

Specially developed by Splendid Data, Cortex delivers the effortless migration of any Oracle database to native PostgreSQL without any vendor lock-in. Freedom here we come.

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Cortex 2.4 is released

“Every day, Wipro’s 250,000 experts help businesses around the globe accelerate digital transformation and build a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive future. As Wipro we are proud to have a strong co-operation with Splendid Data regarding Cortex, which gives us the capability to perform factory based accelerated migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL for our clients in the most effective and efficient way.”
– Ashish Sharma, European Head of Sales Data and AI solutions

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Cortex. Migrate your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL with ease!

Cortex is the most sophisticated product in the market for highly automated migrations of your Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL.

The benefits of automatic migration are:

  • Effectiveness. The more Oracle Data and Code Objects can be migrated automatically to native PostgreSQL the better. It saves time and money, lowers the risk and it’s the only way to accelerate your Oracle to PostgreSQL migration workloads.
  • Efficiency. Higher productivity with far less resources.
  • Quality. The code produced by automated tools is by definition better than that produced manually. The Oracle Data and Code objects have many interdependencies. To migrate all these dependencies manually is almost impossible (apart from the time it will take). It is better to have this done automatically.

We have performed a comparison between Ora2Pg and Cortex. Curious about the results? Read our blog Ora2Pg is free. But Cortex is cheaper. How?

Cortex always migrate Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL to avoid any vendor lock-in and to give you the maximum freedom to deploy on-premise and/or in the cloud.

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Azure Database for PostgreSQL flexible server announced

Features & Benefits

Cortex uses semantic translations

Cortex takes a highly advanced approach to migration. Rather than a syntactic line-by-line translation, Cortex performs a cutting-edge context semantic translation and takes care of all dependencies between Data Objects (DDL) and Code Objects (DML – PL/SQL). This delivers the sharpest, cleanest and most correct translation of Oracle (PL/SQL) into PostgreSQL (PL/pgSQL).

Cortex is repeatable and consistent

Cortex is a container-based solution. When any assessment and/or migration is run, a separate runtime container is created. Inside this will be all the necessary processes needed, standardising every single assessment or migration. Whether that’s for one database, or thousands, Cortex is repeatable and reliable.

Cortex leaves no footprint

The end result of a migration using Cortex is 100% native PostgreSQL without any constraints or the use of a proprietary compatibility layer. This makes it possible for you to run it on the community version of PostgreSQL so there’s no form of vendor lock-in whatsoever. You have total freedom to decide how the end result is deployed in production.

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How to reduce the Oracle footprint?

Every company knows the impact of Oracle when it comes to costs, license constraints and cloud deployment.
A great dependence arises, and you want to get rid of that. But how?

In our latest white paper you will learn:

  • How to effortlessly migrate any Oracle database to native PostgreSQL
  • How it works
  • The benefits of using Cortex

Who’s it for?

Organisations with Oracle databases

Cortex is a licensed product (pay-per-use) that allows you to perform the migration of Oracle databases yourself. The license price is based on the number of Oracle databases and the complexity of each Oracle database you want to migrate. Cortex already proved to be the most efficient and effective product for automatically migrating Oracle databases (DDL and DML) to native PostgreSQL, to avoid any vendor lock-in and to give you the maximum freedom to deploy on-premise and/or in the cloud. It’s cheaper than free!

Global, regional or local System Integrators

Cortex is a licensed product and the price is related to the number of Oracle databases you want to migrate for your client(s). As a System Integrator, Cortex delivers you the opportunity to provide a service for your clients to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL in the most efficient and effective way possible and thus deliver more speed and greater value.

Companies with just a few Oracle databases

If you only have a limited number of Oracle databases, we also offer Migration Assessments and Migrations as a service.

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Migration Scoping. Small investment. Smart review. Great insights.

We give you in no time insight into the complexity of your Oracle databases so you are able to plan your migration strategy.

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PostgresPURE. 100% open source Enterprise-ready PostgreSQL

A powerful set of software tools that allow you to setup and manage your PostgreSQL database environment.

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A look at migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL

We’ve helped companies like yours

“Splendid Data has done us a great service by migrating our Oracle database, part of our online hotel distribution solution, to PostgreSQL using Cortex including all data with zero downtime at cutover and a data synch back to Oracle assuring us a fallback for a defined period of time. From that moment on, we were relieved of Oracle’s high prices and licensing restrictions regarding deployment in a cloud environment like Microsoft Azure.”

Markus Maissen
CEO, Reconline AG

“Splendid Data has been of great service to us to migrate our extensive and complex Oracle database part of our standard Coswin Asset Management solution, to native PostgreSQL using Cortex. Coswin is used at more than 1,700 customer sites and tens of thousands of users in different industries worldwide.”

Adrian Boangiu
Research and Development Manager, Siveco Group

FAQs about Cortex migrations

Can I deploy my PostgreSQL migrated database in the Cloud?

The simple answer is, yes, you can. There are no restrictions about how you deploy PostgreSQL, this is the core benefit of Open Source. There are many cloud providers who offer the community version of PostgreSQL.

Can every Oracle database be migrated to PostgreSQL?

Cortex can only be used on Oracle databases where your organisation owns the intellectual property. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that 98% of Oracle databases around the world can easily be migrated to PostgreSQL using Cortex.

What are the key areas to consider in your planning?

With the advent of digital transformations, lower costs and the move to the cloud, many companies are wondering if it’s possible to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. Here we look into what these might be.

What expertise do I need to perform a migration?

Technical knowledge of both Oracle and PostgreSQL is recommended to be able to get the most out of Cortex.

Is Cortex free of charge?

Cortex is a licensed product (pay-per-use) that allows you to perform the migration of Oracle databases yourself. The license price is based on the number of Oracle databases and the complexity of each Oracle database you want to migrate. We are convinced that Cortex is even cheaper than free.

Is Cortex easy to use?

Yes, Cortex is very easy to use due to its graphical user interface and all the options it has to optimise the migration of an Oracle database to native PostgreSQL.

Do I still need Cortex after a migration to PostgreSQL?

The answer is simple…NO. After you’ve finalised a migration of an Oracle database to PostgreSQL you don’t need Cortex anymore. Cortex leafs no footprint behind.

Latest news from our blog

Cortex 2.4 is released

Cortex 2.4 is released

Our aim was to finalise this new release of Cortex before the end of 2022 and we succeeded. This new release supports PostgreSQL 15 (including native merge statement), it has functionality to include external SQL’s (queries) to a migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL,...

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Continuous development of Cortex

Continuous development of Cortex

We work on Cortex every day to improve its capabilities. For the last months of 2022, we have been working hard to deliver a new release of Cortex. In this new release of Cortex we have further improved our translation engines for migrating the Oracle Data and Code...

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