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If you have a limited number of Oracle databases, we can migrate them to PostgreSQL for a fixed price per database. Just sit back, relax and let the pros take full responsibility for migrating your Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

A migration service that takes worry out of the equation

We’re proud to assist companies of all shapes and sizes find their way to digital liberty, agility and the power of PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is a powerful, opensource object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development. Due to its reputation, PostgreSQL is increasingly seen as an excellent alternative and/or replacement for Oracle databases.

Using Cortex we uncover the full condition of your Oracle database and report what objects will be migrated automatically, and what will need manual adjustment. Once complete, we’re able to give you a detailed fixed price quote to do the actual migration for you. We’ll take care of everything.

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Splendid Data white paper – Cortex highlights

Every company knows the impact of Oracle when it comes to costs, license constraints and cloud deployment.
A great dependence arises, and you want to get rid of that. But how?

In our latest white paper you will learn:

  • How to effortlessly migrate any Oracle database to native PostgreSQL
  • How it works
  • The benefits of using Cortex

Why is automated migration a must?

  • The more Oracle Data and Code Objects can be migrated automatically to native PostgreSQL the better. It saves time and money, lowers the risk and it’s the only way to accelerate your Oracle to PostgreSQL migration workloads.
  • Higher productivity with far less resources.
  • The code produced by automated tools is by definition better than that produced manually. The Oracle Data and Code objects have many interdependencies. To migrate all these dependencies manually is almost impossible (apart from the time it will take). It is better to have this done automatically.

If you only have a limited number of Oracle databases, we can offer you a Migration Assessment at a fixed price per database. An assessment creates a dry run of a full migration to give you a precise insight into how every aspect of your database will migrate. We’ll give you the results with a fixed price quote to do the actual migration. To get an idea of our tool, you can watch a our Cortex 2.0 demo. Yes, very clever stuff.

Proof of Concept

We can show you the capabilities of Cortex by performing a Proof of Concept. The total costs of an Oracle to PostgreSQL migration depends on the implementation of the Oracle databases, how it is used, the Business logic etc… By performing a Migration Scoping we can see where the complexities are in your databases which have to be taken into account during the migration. In max 5 days we can give you estimate of the time needed for the migration. Our approach is transparent, performed by our experts using Cortex.

Benefits of our Migration Service

Expert migration by the pros

Not only are our software engineers specialists in both Oracle and PostgreSQL, they’ve also migrated a huge variety of complex Oracle databases using our Cortex product. Such experience ensures everything goes as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Total peace of mind

From the end-to-end of the migration project, our specialists are there to ensure everything goes according to plan. Once everything is working correctly you will be ready to start deployment to production wherever you want.

Get the best out of PostgreSQL

Due to our extensive experience with migrations, our specialists understand the best way to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL. They can even make adjustments for specific situations, for example to create your desired performance.

No vendor lock-in

Once we’ve fully migrated your Oracle database to native PostgreSQL you’ll no longer be locked-in to a vendor. Feels great doesn’t it. Total database freedom – just as it should be.

Need any help?

Our Cortex specialists are ready to help

If you need help from specialists in Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations, please get in touch and we’ll talk through how we might be of service to you.