Consulting Services

Specialist help when you need it

We’re here to help you make most of your PostgresPURE database environment and get the best from Cortex for Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations. Every session is tailored to you.

PostgresPURE consulting

Unpack the power of PostgresPURE

Your database environment is unique with many aspects of its design taken from its intended use, availability, security, performance and management. But there’s far more we can do to really optimise how it functions. Our specialists will work closely with your team to optimise your PostgresPURE setup, the way it’s managed and how it’s used day-to-day to really streamline and enhance your database environment.

Keep your environment in good shape

To keep your database environment running at peak efficiency, it’s good practise to carry out preventative maintenance. Our specialists can carry out an extensive assessment on the state of your database. They’ll run through a thorough checklist to work out if there are any specific ways to optimise your PostgresPURE database environment. They can also take into account specific ways you’d like to improve it.

Ask for more information

If you would like more information from our PostgresPURE specialists, please get in touch and we’ll talk through how we might be of service to you.

Cortex consulting

All the answers to all your Cortex questions

As a Cortex user, you may have specific use cases where you need to enlist the help of our Cortex migration specialists. They have a deep understanding of both Oracle and PostgreSQL, so are perfectly placed to create a solution. Based on your needs, they’ll work alongside you to assess your specific Oracle use cases and how they can be implemented in the best way in PostgreSQL. If necessary, they can even do the translation of specific parts of the PL/SQL code in Oracle to PL/pgSQL code in PostgreSQL for you.

Our Cortex specialists are ready to help

If you need help from specialists in Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations, please get in touch and we’ll talk through how we might be of service to you.