PostgreSQL Consulting and projects

Besides PostgresPURE (read more) and our migration solution (read more), you can contact us for knowledge and expertise in the field of PostgreSQL, middleware, Java and Linux. Our professionals have many years of experience with these environments and technologies.


You may have questions regarding the deployment of Postgres in your IT environment.

These questions might include:

  • What can PostgreSQL do for us?
  • How to migrate my Oracle application to PostgreSQL?
  • xHow to design a highly scalable, high availability and complex database architecture using PostgreSQL that handles large transaction volumes maybe with replication?
  • Do we use PostgreSQL to the maximum extent? Can we improve its performance?

Splendid Data is ready to help your resolve any of these puzzling issues. Our specialists will assist you to make the right decisions and optimize the use of PostgreSQL in your organization.


Completing a project successfully is a challenge. Are the principles and objectives well formulated? It is important that the client (project owner) and the contractor both clearly understand and agree on what needs to be achieved. Splendid Data, as a contractor, shares responsibility for your project. Handling this in a transparent and respectful manner is one of our key values. Experience shows us that every project has unique characteristics. That is why – every single time – we create a tailor-made foundation on which to build your success. Working in close cooperation with your IT department, we will smooth the path to a successful achievement of your objectives.

When you’re planning for projects such as:

  • the migration of an existing Oracle application to PostgreSQL, or
  • the development of a new application based on PostgreSQL,

We can explore together, how you can benefit from our experience and how we help you achieve your project objectives.