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You are an ISV and you want your product to be available on a PostgreSQL database environment in addition to Oracle. PostgreSQL is Oracle’s fastest growing competitor and is also open source. This has the advantage that offering your software product based on PostgreSQL is much more cost effective for your existing customers, but also offers you more potential to offer it to other/new customers. After all, not everyone is willing to pay the high costs of an Oracle license.

Splendid Data has the right knowledge, but also its product Cortex to make your software product based on an Oracle database also suitable for a PostgreSQL database.

To determine whether your software product can also be made suitable for a PostgreSQL database, Splendid Data offers a Migration Assessment. We offer this assessment for a fixed price. All we ask of you is an active participation in terms of knowledge and skills of your own software product during the assessment we perform.

Based on the Oracle catalog views we are able to assess the impact in terms of adjustments, lead time and costs to enable the translation to PostgreSQL. We do not only limit ourselves to the Oracle database data objects (tables, columns, data types, views, etc.), but we also assess the Oracle database code objects (packages, procedures, functions, etc.). Especially when it comes to the latter, we are absolutely unique. Cortex, our Oracle to PostgreSQL migration product, enables to migrate based on a context related semantic approach your current Oracle PL/SQL code to PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL, largely automatically and natively.

Of course we also assess the suitability of your software product as a whole. This concerns the technologies used and the possibility of making them suitable, if necessary, for PostgreSQL as a database. For example, if you use Java and your Java code contains SQL statements, our tools can determine the extent to which these need to be adjusted.

If you want to know more about the possibilities to make your software product suitable for PostgreSQL, please contact us!

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