PostgresPURE is ready for PostgreSQL 15

New releases PostgresPURE Q4-2022 visual

PostgresPURE, 100% open source, combines PostgreSQL with a powerful set of software tools to launch and manage your PostgreSQL database environments.

So just before the end of 2022, we have finalised the new releases of PostgresPURE. In addition to new minor versions of PostgresPURE 6 to 9, the new major of PostgresPURE 10 (based on PostgreSQL 15) is now available and PostgresPURE (based on PostgreSQL 10) is phased out.

Besides the new versions of PostgreSQL, we also implemented the new versions of the other components where necessary and applicable.

PostgresPURE components

PostgresPURE components

Of course, as can be expected from us, we have tested everything extensively and set it up so that a new version of PostgresPURE can be retrieved and installed easily.

Through our online Splendid Data Helpdesk Center we are available for support 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

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