Oracle to PostgreSQL migration – Insights through overview

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Like many, you too are standing at the great crossroads of Digital Transformation, where the question “Can I reduce Oracle’s footprint in my IT environment?” arises. This is a recognisable crossroads for us, as well as a recognisable question.

The answer to the question is simple… “Yes”. Of course, this is only possible if you, your company or the company you work for actually own the intellectual property of the application and the corresponding Oracle database.

Now you’re thinking, that’s easy to say, but does this also apply to my Oracle databases and how can I be sure about that?

Splendid Data has developed the so-called Migration Scoping service. This service aims to convert insights in the Oracle databases, which are recorded in the meta data (Oracle Catalog Views) of each database, to overviews using specialised software. In short, meta data becomes information.

How does this work? First of all, a subset of the meta data needs to be extracted from every Oracle database that you have in production. We have a SQL script that you will receive from us. Of course, this includes an explanation of how it works and what you need to do on your side to obtain the desired meta data per Oracle database. You are free to turn our solution inside out to see if we are not looking underwater at other things (for example, the data stored in your database) than just the meta data.

The meta data obtained from the Oracle database is stored in files. These files are then provided to us so that we can analyse and interpret them using our Migration Scoping software.

What are the results that are delivered? For each Oracle database, you receive an HTML page indicating whether it is “very simple”, “simple”, “medium complex” or “complex” to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Subsequently, a clear explanation is given as to why the database in question has been qualified as “complex”, for example. After all input from multiple Oracle databases has been processed, the software produces an overview of all results and also indicates per Oracle database an estimated effort for the migration to PostgreSQL. All results are checked and analysed again by us and then presented to you … insights through overview.

The insight and overview created is valuable information for planning, budgeting, etc. so that you can make a well considered decision to reduce your Oracle footprint.

In our Migration Scoping software, we have incorporated knowledge related to our Cortex product. Cortex is able to perform a highly automated Oracle to PostgreSQL migration. By doing this, we are able to create well-founded and valuable insights through overview like no other.

We deliver the benefits of PostgreSQL.

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