New minor releases of PostgresPURE, Q2 2022

New minor releases PostgresPURE

PostgresPURE is 100% open source and combines community versions of PostgreSQL with a powerful set of open source components to launch and manage your PostgreSQL database environments. Added to this, it comes with sustainable release management and 24/7 premium support from Splendid Data.

What’s included in these minor releases?

Our engineers are always finding new improvements ensuring PostgresPURE is in a constant cycle of innovation. As our customers know, we follow the release schedule of the PostgreSQL community and Splendid Data releases PostgresPURE every quarter. This means that besides the new (minor) releases of PostgreSQL, we’re also upgrading other components of PostgresPURE where needed and useful. Naturally, every aspect of any updates and upgrades are extensively tested before release to ensure they work seamlessly.

As announced in our previous blog, the useful new component pg_store_plans has been added. This component is an extension that makes it easy to track the execution plan statistics of all SQL statements executed by a server.

Last but not least, we’ve also extended our external wiki with lots of valuable information, including tips and tricks about PostgreSQL and all its components.

What can you expect next from us?

The next minor releases of PostgreSQL are scheduled for mid-August this year and the next minor release of PostgresPURE will be released in early September. This new releases of PostgresPURE will also include pg_auto_failover, a powerful component that monitors and manages automated failover for a PostgreSQL cluster.

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