New minor releases of PostgresPURE, Q1 2024

New releases PostgresPURE Q1-2024 visual

March 11, 2024, the PostgreSQL community released the new minor releases of PostgreSQL 12 through 16. Based on these new minor releases, we built the new releases of PostgresPURE.​

What have we done for you?

  • In addition to the minor versions of PostgreSQL, we have upgraded all other components of PostgresPURE where possible and necessary.
  • All components individually and in conjunction are extensively tested.
  • Last but not least, we’ve also extended our external wiki with lots of valuable information, including tips and tricks, regarding PostgreSQL and all other components of PostgresPURE.

What can you expect from us regarding PostgresPURE in 2024?

  • We stay aligned with the new minor versions of PostgreSQL and all the components that are part of PostgresPURE.
  • Currently, we have no plans to add new components. Should this change (you never know), we will of course let you know.
  • Releasing PostgresPURE for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 and Rocky Linux 9 end of March/beginning of April 2024.

PostgresPURE, 100% open source, combines community versions of PostgreSQL with a powerful set of open source components to launch and manage your PostgreSQL database environments, and comes with sustainable release management and 24/7 premium support.

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