Migrate to the Cloud? A perfect time to reduce the Oracle footprint

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Migrating to the Cloud, private, hybrid or public Cloud is an important current topic for many organizations. The advantages of switching to a Cloud strategy are numerous.

However, the migration of your Oracle databases can cause a lot of headaches in the Cloud strategy. The options are limited when it comes to migrating your Oracle databases to the Cloud. Besides Oracle itself, only a limited number of Cloud providers are supported by Oracle. The main Cloud providers offer an Infrastructure as a Solution (IaaS) solutions, which means you have to bring your own Oracle licenses.

What does it mean if Oracle says it does not support a Cloud provider? People often think that the infrastructure in particular does not support the running of an Oracle database. Technically, however, it is possible to run an Oracle Database on any Virtual Machine (VM) using Oracle’s usual installation procedures. However, it is the licensing restrictions imposed by Oracle and the way in which the number of vCores/vCPUs is calculated, that limit organizations. As is generally known, Oracle licensing is linked to the number of processors on which the Oracle binaries run.

By migrating to open source software, where PostgreSQL in particular is a popular Oracle alternative, organizations do not encounter these license restrictions. Almost all Cloud providers offer PostgreSQL as standard. Using PostgreSQL means freedom of choice between Cloud providers, and no worries about unexpected licensing costs. This is one of the reasons why the use of PostgreSQL is being stimulated even more by large Cloud providers.

Set your goals for the migration to the Cloud and consider combining the benefits of a migration to the Cloud with a migration of the Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. In addition to freedom of choice, a lower TCO can also be quickly made visible. In short, the benefits of a migration to the Cloud are considerably greater if you combine it with reducing your Oracle footprint at the same time.

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