In Oracle’s stranglehold? Reduce Oracle’s footprint!

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A trend that we see more and more often today, both nationally and internationally is the migration of Oracle databases to open source PostgreSQL databases. All this to reduce Oracle’s footprint within organizations.

The benefits of migrating to open source PostgreSQL and lowering the Oracle footprint are considerable. Think of lower TCO, no vendor lock-in, state-of-the-art technology and high degree of innovation, no restrictions on deployment in the Cloud et cetera.

Meanwhile, there are specialized companies such as Splendid Data that offer their product Cortex to migrate Oracle databases to native open source PostgreSQL. This means not only migrating a database schema, but also migrating the code in the database (Oracle PL/SQL to PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL). By using Cortex, the migration of an Oracle database to PostgreSQL is carried out largely automatically.

Take control yourself to get out of Oracle’s stranglehold by switching to open source PostgreSQL where possible and meaningful.

Lower your Oracle footprint?

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