Cortex 2024.1 is released

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Introducing the new release of Cortex and future developments

We have released a new version (2024.1) of Cortex. After the previous release, we have seen many new use cases come along which, as usual, have given us a lot of new inspiration to keep on improving the capabilities of Cortex again.

In a nutshell, what have we done in this new release?

All PostgreSQL versions (incl. applicable extensions) used within Cortex are upgraded to the latest (minor) versions.

Looking at the migration of the Oracle Data Objects and the Oracle Code Objects to PostgreSQL we made many improvements. As a result the percentage of automated migration improved, which has a positive impact on accelerating the migration of an Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

Something we are proud of

Over the previous months we’ve migrated several Oracle databases to PostgreSQL and proved that to PostgreSQL migrated databases were performing significantly better than the Oracle databases. We had to deal with tables containing 500+ million up to 16 billion rows. We are a big fan of PostgreSQL and the excellent work done by the PostgreSQL community.

Outlook for the rest of 2024

What’s on the agenda for 2024 looking at the development of Cortex?

  • Continuously improve Cortex’s capabilities based on customer use cases.
  • We are still improving / modifying our reporting (mainly from an audit perspective) to match in-depth which Oracle Data/Code object is migrated to which objects in PostgreSQL.

The benefits of Cortex

Cortex is and will, due to our continuous improvements, stay the most effective and efficient solution to migrate your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL.

With Cortex you’ll save lots of time and money, and it’s cheaper than free. No lock-in’s and you can deploy your Oracle to PostgreSQL migrated databases wherever you want.

Interested in a demo of Cortex? Feel free to contact me (zvpury.fpubctraf@fcyraqvqqngn.pbz).

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