Cortex 2023.2 is released

New releases Cortex 2023.2 visual

Introducing the New Release of Cortex and Future Developments

The previous version of Cortex (2023.1) took longer than originally planned, but we had good reasons for that. This new version (2023.2) is released as planned, although our clients again gave us a lot of inspiration to improve the capabilities of Cortex.

From a user interface perspective Cortex we only changed the default settings and for the rest all looks the same. Improvements are related to the migration of the Oracle Data Objects (DDL) and the Oracle Code Objects (DML) to PostgreSQL to improve the percentage automated migration again.

Outlook for 2023

What’s on the agenda for 2023 looking at the development of Cortex?
In the next release (Cortex 2023.3), which we’ve planned to release October/November 2023, we want to adjust some of the reports Cortex produces, and based on current and new use cases the “standard” capabilities will be improved also.

The Benefits of Cortex

Cortex is and will, due to our continuous improvements, stay the most effective and efficient solution to migrate your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL.
With Cortex you’ll save lots of time and money. No lock-in’s and you can deploy your Oracle to PostgreSQL migrated databases wherever you want.

Interested in a demo of Cortex? Feel free to contact me (zvpury.fpubctraf@fcyraqvqqngn.pbz).

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