Cortex 2023.1 is released

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Introducing the new release of Cortex 2023.1 and future developments

It took some time and we had some delay but finally the new release of Cortex is there. The delay was mainly caused by use cases given by our clients, which gave us a lot of inspiration to extend and improve the capabilities of Cortex.

From the “outside” Cortex “looks” still the same, but “internally” we’ve extended and improved both the migration of the Oracle Data Objects (DDL) and the Oracle Code Objects (DML) to PostgreSQL. All and all we were able to accelerate the percentage automated migration again.

Some examples:

  • Cortex is now capable of migrating an Oracle database with 50.000+ tables to PostgreSQL.
  • Extended the migration Oracle XML processing to PostgreSQL XML processing.

Outlook for 2023

What’s on the agenda for 2023 looking at the development of Cortex?

In the next release (Cortex 2023.2), which we’ve planned to release July 2023, improving the reporting capabilities, and based on the use cases we are currently working on the “standard” capabilities will be improved also. More than enough to do and we’ll keep you posted.

The benefits of Cortex

Cortex is and will, due to our continuous improvements, stay the most effective and efficient solution to migrate your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL.

With Cortex you’ll save lots of time and money. No lock-in’s and you can deploy your Oracle to PostgreSQL migrated databases wherever you want.

Interested in a demo of Cortex? Feel free to contact me (zvpury.fpubctraf@fcyraqvqqngn.pbz).

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