Cortex 2.4 is released

New releases Cortex 2.4 visual

Our aim was to finalise this new release of Cortex before the end of 2022 and we succeeded.

This new release supports PostgreSQL 15 (including native merge statement), it has functionality to include external SQL’s (queries) to a migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, and as usual the translation engines for migrating the Oracle Data and Code Objects to PostgreSQL are improved again.

Splendid Data is continuously improving Cortex with the aim of making the migration from Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL increasingly effective and efficient. The continuous improvement of Cortex is fuelled by the feedback from the many use cases of our clients using Cortex and from the migrations we perform ourselves for clients.

What’s on the agenda for 2023 looking at the development of Cortex? Our main focus will be improving the Oracle to PostgreSQL migration capabilities again and again, and based on new use cases we’ll get extra inspiration to add new features.

Cortex is and will, due to our continuous improvements, stay the most effective and efficient solution to migrate your Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL.

With Cortex you’ll save lots of time and money. No lock-in’s and you can deploy your Oracle to PostgreSQL migrated databases wherever you want.

Interested in a demo of Cortex? Feel free to contact me (zvpury.fpubctraf@fcyraqvqqngn.pbz).

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