Cortex 2.1 is released

New releases Cortex 2.1 visual

Splendid Data is continuously working on Cortex with the aim of making the migration from Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL increasingly effective and efficient. The on-going development of Cortex takes into account the experiences of the many use cases both of our clients, the system integrators, who use Cortex and of the migrations we perform for clients ourselves.

Every migration carried out using Cortex is always a source of inspiration for improving the use of Cortex and its ability to migrate an Oracle database to PostgreSQL in a highly effective automated manner.

In addition to the use cases based on the use of Cortex, we also have our internal “wish list” of functionalities that we want to add to Cortex so that the degree of automated migration continues to increase. As an example, we are currently working on the automated migration of XML usage in an Oracle database to XML usage in PostgreSQL.

Cortex has proven to be the most efficient and effective solution for highly automated migration of Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL. With Cortex, the road to freedom is open. No lock-in’s and deploy wherever you want.

Interested in a demo of Cortex? Feel free to contact me (zvpury.fpubctraf@fcyraqvqqngn.pbz).

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