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Ever since we were founded in 2013, we’ve believed in database freedom with no licensing, no lock-ins and no catches. Companies should have total freedom to run their database tech the way that’s right for them.

To turn our beliefs into actions, we decided to focus on open source PostgreSQL and the migration of Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. At that time, open source was already the de facto standard for operating systems and the first signs were that open source would also affect other layers, like the databases, of the technology stack.

With a driven team that had many years of thorough and in-depth knowledge of Oracle, PostgreSQL and their application in many types of organisations (global, regional and local), we started building PostgresPURE – our 100% open source subscription-based software that makes the most of PostgreSQL. And in tandem we developed Cortex, our unique solution for the automated migration of Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL.

“The ultimate goal is to offer our customers and partners freedom, independence, flexibility and access to our knowledge. We continue to develop our existing products and improving them on a daily basis.” – Michel Schöpgens

In the meantime, we have built up a respectable track record with national and international clients and partners when it comes to the use of our products and services.
We’re proud to assist companies of all shapes and sizes find their way to digital liberty, agility and the power of PostgreSQL.

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