“The stranglehold of the software giants”

“The stranglehold of the software giants” (source: Dutch FD, October 5, 2019)

Large organizations are often (too) dependent on Oracle! The alternatives are there, but are not used.

One of these alternatives is migrating Oracle databases to Open Source PostgreSQL databases. This can significantly reduce the Oracle footprint of medium and large organizations. This is a trend that we are already seeing nationally and internationally today.

Using the Open Source PostgreSQL database will also make a transformation to the Cloud a lot easier. Almost all major public Cloud providers support Open Source databases, including PostgreSQL.

Using 100% Open Source databases will never lead to a stranglehold. Professional support can be obtained from different vendors, where switching to another vendor is always possible. Because a choice can be made, organizations take control of themselves, and are able to negotiate an optimal price/quality ratio. Suppliers of professional support on Open Source databases need to deliver quality in order to continue to bind customers for now and in the future.

Open Source software can never impose restrictions on the use by an organization.

Source: https://fd.nl/ondernemen/1319877/the-stranglehold-of-the-software-giants?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=SHR_ARTT_20191015&utm_content=ondernemen