How to maintain your enterprise wide PostgreSQL environments?

Organizations that implement PostgreSQL[1] should be aware to keep their environment maintainable and sustainable in order to profit from the benefits of Open Source. When organizations have adopted PostgreSQL, and implemented it in their corporate infrastructure, they tend to get into a more and more difficult situation to effectively maintain their environments and to keep it future proof (sustainable). The main reason why this happens is the use of different PostgreSQL versions in combination with different sets and versions of additional and essential tools for management, monitoring, replication, backup and recovery, auditing, security, job scheduling, etcetera.

Therefore, before you start with PostgreSQL and additional Open Source tools, be sure you choose the right corporate database environment that will stay maintainable and sustainable for the long term in your organization. PostgresPURE, created by Splendid Data, delivers you the benefits of Open Source, enables you to stay up-to-date for the least effort and to decrease your Total Cost of Ownership for many years.

The future is Open Source

Many organizations now leave the traditional vendors in the database arena, such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. CIO’s are aware that they have to avoid vendor lock-in, which causes an extremely high Total Cost of Ownership increase. Therefore they look into alternatives in the Open Source space, and find new products to be used for implementing new databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL. Choosing to leave the traditional players and going for Open Source comes with the need to migrate[2] the existing landscape to become completely free of a vendor lock-in for the future.

The challenge of maintaining your overall corporate PostgreSQL environment

The Open Source market causes some important issues to be solved. Whereas traditional vendors provide all essential tools for managing the database environment properly, the PostgreSQL community leaves it open to select these tools yourself.

There are many options: many sub-communities develop additional tools meant for using in conjunction with PostgreSQL in a corporate environment. In general, they provide hardly any technical support directly or only with respect to the perimeter of the tool developed by them, without taking care of proper integration in your own corporate environment. Some communities are slow in upgrading and some even stopped further development and leave you with a dead end street and finally force you to continue development on your own.

For those who are using PostgreSQL in a corporate context, this could be very confusing: what to select and how to maintain the selected tools, integrate the different versions and keep all of it sustainable, consistent and up-to-date?

To keep these environments up-to-date, organizations tend to hire external consulting services for upgrading and integrating these tools with new versions of PostgreSQL. Many times, organizations cannot upgrade anymore because tools turn out not to be upward compatible anymore.

All this increases the Total Cost of Ownership of your overall corporate PostgreSQL environment. In many cases, the jungle of installations is not far away…and difficult to repair. Your organization may then even lose the benefits of choosing for Open Source.

How to solve this problem of maintaining your corporate PostgreSQL environment?

The answer to solve the need for long term and consistent maintenance is provided by Splendid Data, who created PostgresPURE for this very reason.

PostgresPURE is a corporate database platform, 100 % Open Source. It is delivered as one single product: to be downloaded by some simple commands. Not just PostgreSQL, but it also includes a set of tools that gives you the ability to standardize. PostgresPURE therefore is the best and most reliable Open Source database environment for corporate implementations. Always available at newest versions – whenever these are released by the various communities. Complete, synchronized and well-tested.

PostgresPURE: making life easy for you

A PostgresPURE subscription will deliver your organization an up-to-date version of the database (PostgreSQL) and latest versions of all additional tools. You can implement identical, consistent and up-to-date environments and make life easy for your IT department.

Splendid Data’s subscription of PostgresPURE provides all release management and 24×7 SLA based technical support. All provided in downloading one single product at times of new releases.

No need to spend your resources and budgets to keep your environments up-to-date and consistent, and no need to hire external services to achieve this.

PostgresPURE is available for Linux (RHEL, CentOS, SUSE and others) and is based on Intel x86 and Power architectures. It can be purchased for on-premise implementations and for Cloud and/or Hybrid Cloud implementations.

The subscription price is CPU architecture based. All other pricing models are derived from this subscription price. Partitioning (hard and soft) and virtualization is permitted without any restrictions. It is the best pricing option available in the market!

[1] PostgreSQL, being the sole alternative to Oracle, is the most advanced corporate Open Source database for business rules driven applications. Therefore, many organizations stopped buying new licenses from Oracle, and started building new business applications using PostgreSQL.

[2] Splendid Data offers a migration approach from Oracle to PostgreSQL including all code, which resides in the Oracle database, without leaving any footprint. The converted code is clean, native PostgreSQL, no Oracle ‘compatibility’ layers (emulation) used.