Splendid Data’s PostgresPURE Promise – the Ultimate Alternative to Oracle

To help our customers get the best database solution and gain their total ownership freedom, we have developed our PostgresPURE Promise. We offer the Ultimate Alternative to Oracle, a Future-proof Guarantee and the No-Sweat Experience. Delivering on such an extensive promise is crucial for our customers, because for them, the database is the backbone of their data driven company. How important is your database to you?

As we have said before, our customers sometimes gasp: ‘This sounds too good to be true.’ But our database solution is good as well as true, because we believe that our customers deserve the very best. That is why we have developed and deliver on the Splendid Data’s PostgresPURE Promise.

We solemnly promise that we deliver:

The Ultimate Alternative to Oracle:

PostgresPURE is the ultimate alternative to Oracle, because the structure of our and their database is comparable. The main reason to switch, however, are the drastically lower TCO: the year-over-year costs for our database are 80 per cent less than the Oracle database. Read all about our price structure in our ‘Too good to be true’ blog. And don’t think we cannot offer a similar stack to the Red Stack, because we can. We combine our database with IBM PowerLinux for the best performance against up to 95 per cent fewer costs.

Future-proof Guarantee:

Choosing your database based on your Total Cost of Ownership is great, as you have read on our previous blog, but we do not stop there. We offer our future-proof guarantee by being truly open source. This means two things:

You are totally free to move your database from the community edition to PostgresPURE and back, without any problems.
We are part of the open source community, which means all developers that work with Postgres (like us) work on continuous improvement of the solution.

On top of that our database can run in any environment, like cloud, so your database can easily expand based on your needs.

No-Sweat Experience:

When you have a data driven company, you will want your database to be secure, solid and full-serviced. That is why we offer all the applications you’ll need to run your database, the best SLA’s, direct contact with our developers to have your problems serviced right away, and the highest security-levels. Our database has proven itself in small and large organisation applications, proving that PostgresPURE is the best solution for your needs.

This is the PostgresPURE Promise by Splendid Data.

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