Gartner says: By 2018, 70% of new applications will run on open source databases

With the significant technical advances in open source database technology there is a tremendous movement underway. By 2018, 70 per cent of all newly deployed applications will run on an open source databases, according to leading research firm Gartner. The main reason to switch is the considerably lower TCO. At Splendid Data we see the same adoption trends.

Not only will 70 per cent of all new in-house applications be developed on an open source database, 50 per cent of all existing commercial RDBMS (relational database management systems) will convert to an open source database (OSDBMS). Research firm Gartner predicts this uptake in its report ‘The State of Open-Source RDBMSs, 2015’. The open source approach, Gartner writes, has entered a state of full market productivity.

TCO drops drastically when using open source databases

The uptake of the adoption by companies of all sizes is a direct reflection of the maturity of the open source solutions. These organisations are mainly using Postgres because of the high availability and scalable features as well as the cost savings. Gartner also confirms that the overall TCO of a company’s database will drop drastically when using open source. Based on comparable solutions to PostgresPURE, Gartner calculated that companies can literally save up to 80% of up front and ongoing costs.

Oracle databases-table

Table 1 contains a pricing comparison of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition,3 MySQL Enterprise Edition4 and EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server,5 using a standard x86 server with two sockets, each with six cores. Assuming a 50% discount for the Oracle EE licenses (net $236,550), this would still represent a cost 15 times greater than MySQL and almost six times greater than EnterpriseDB, yielding three-year cost savings of $221,550 and $195,150, respectively.

Corporations that work with the open source database, take control of the digital transformation, where IT and business work closely together to enhance business agility. As Gartner puts it: ‘[…]there is a preference among developers for using open source DBMS’s.’

Not only will the finance department love the migration to an open source database, developers will love it too.

A complete open source stack

Developers have an important task when it comes to the open source community. When using open source, there is a vast group of developers from all types of organsations that constantly work to improve the open product. This constant development is also true for hardware. Take our partner IBM: their PowerLinux architecture is completely open source. You can build a completely open source stack, with significant cost reductions at all levels of the information architecture.

For companies with legacy applications, the migration to an open source environment will help them innovate the architecture as well. Hybrid cloud solutions, recycling old company coding, developing for all devices, operating system independence: it’s all possible with the open source database. That is the PostgresPURE Promise from Splendid Data.

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