Choose the right architecture with the PostgresPURE Stack including IBM PowerLinux

A database is only as good as its underlying architecture. We have described in the last couple of blogs why an open source database is a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective option. But if you also choose to support your open source PostgresPURE database with the open source IBM PowerLinux architecture, you will have the best of both worlds – dramatically lower costs and significantly better performance compared to the locked-in, inflexible approach of our competition.

A few years ago Oracle put together their Red Stack. They did this to leverage the purchase of the previous generation Sun hardware and market an ‘integrated’ set of components promising lowers costs than their previous attempts at architecture assembly. Organisations with an unlimited IT budget and an all Oracle-unless policy will be drawn to the Red Stack.

We do agree with Oracle on the benefits of an integrated approach. Independently developed and support products do tend to higher cost and are less flexible. However, if you want to keep your budget spent at a minimum, need superior performance and don’t want to be locked-in, you might want to look for alternatives.

That is why we developed The PostgresPURE Stack. Build on top of the high performance server IBM PowerLinux8.

Oracle Stack Alternative

With the PostgresPURE Stack you will find solid and flexible solutions, like the IBM PowerLinux8 server, seamlessly integrated. With this combination you do not have to shop for each solution separately and also be responsible to integrate them. The PostgresPURE stack is completely open and it is at least 95 per cent less expensive compared to the Oracle alternative.

As Gartner states in their paper ‘The State of Open-Source RDBMSs, 2015’ Postgres has matured and should be considered as a standard infrastructure choice. The technical development of Postgres continues to grow exponentially thanks to the Open Source development model.

Why not an Intel server, you might ask? We did a benchmark of the PostgresPURE stack against that of EnterpriseDB and X86 Xeon Intel server. We discovered that with a large dataset our stack with the IBM PowerLinux8 performed 2 times better than the competition. This can also be delivered at 12 times lower costs! Good news for systems delivery by the IT department and the type of news that CFOs want to hear.