Future-proof your database architecture with open standards

As you are planning the development of new applications, it is important to choose the most appropriate and cost effective underlying database solution. The database and infrastructure choices must be determined for your current situation – and for the future state. That is why we are offering a database architecture on true open standards. Because with open standards you’ll have the guarantee that your needs are met now and in the years to come.

When corporations want to renew their database, it is very common that they only address short term challenges. They will want to find a fast and easy solution. But that fast and easy solution will not always be suitable for future needs, because some vendors have developed their own set of standards. In this scenario you will find yourself locked-in, unable to move your data and unable to innovate whenever you want to.

Interoperability and freedom of choice

However, if you choose a database developed on open standards, you will enhance your freedom of IT. For example, one of the very compelling reasons to work with open standards is the interoperability of information systems. The ability to easily develop seamless integration between databases and solutions, or between solutions is now a reality.

Open standards are even more convenient when you want to make sure your solutions ‘talk’ with those of your business partners. We increasingly live in a partner and ecosystem world and it is important to make sure your database provides the flexibility of integration.

Open standards also give you the freedom of ownership. These standards are not software specific. So you can choose which vendors you work with and which solutions you can more easily integrate into your organisation’s application portfolio. Big software and hardware vendors, like our partner IBM, have fully embraced delivering open standard solutions. IBM has committed themselves to using open standards and a broad ecosystem when developing their solutions.

With that freedom, open standards will make your database future-proof. You are no longer reliant on database solutions that can’t integrate with certain applications. And you are no longer reliant on vendors who make switching increasingly difficult. Open standards provide the option to switch a vendor any time you want, without the typical technological roadblocks of proprietary databases.

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Future-proof guarantee

At Splendid Data we deliver open source solutions that can be deployed now and protect your freedom of choice in the future. That is why we developed the Splendid Data ‘Future-proof Guarantee’, based on completely open standards. We believe in the power of choice and therefore give our customers the guarantee that they can integrate any future-proof solution based on open standards and switch vendors any time they want. That is the Splendid Data PostgresPURE Promise.

As we said before, we believe that customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have been locked-in.