The PostgresPURE Promise is here

We hear repeatedly from our customers that PostgresPURE is the best database solution available. Their experiences are telling and we can easily demonstrate it by comparing some of our key features to those of our main competitors – Oracle and EnterpriseDB.

The PostgresPURE Promise can be seen visually in the Oracle, EnterpriseDB and PostgresPURE Comparison diagram.

Oracle EnterpriseDB comparison

As Gartner states in their paper ‘The State of Open-Source RDBMSs, 2015’ Postgres has matured and should be considered as a standard infrastructure choice. The technical development of Postgres continues to grow exponentially thanks to the Open Source development model.

Postgres is a serious alternative to Oracle and Splendid Data’s PostgresPURE delivers. From a cost perspective PostgresPURE provides an immediate 94 per cent saving compared to a typical Oracle Database implementation. In addition, year over year, PostgresPURE is 70 per cent less expensive than similar solutions from EnterpriseDB. This is The PostgresPURE Promise.

We also offer the same optimized hardware and database combination approach as Oracle by combining PostgresPURE with IBM PowerLinux. There is however a big difference with the PostgresPURE and IBM stack – you will spend half the money on hardware compared to the Oracle Red Stack and realize twice the speed.

Your Choice – Open or Locked-in

Who wants to be locked in, unable to move data as required? Our customers don’t. PostgresPURE is completely open and provides the flexibility of choice. What we have seen, however, is that our customers remain by choice, not because they are locked-in as with the approach of our competitors.

Why is EnterpriseDB rated as a vendor who scores poorly on the Open Source approach? They claim to deliver open source too, right? Well, we like to call it ‘open source washing’. With EnterpriseDB you will be almost as locked-in as you were with Oracle. The reality is, there is no easily way to switch from EnterpriseDB back to the Postgres Community Database and have your applications work in a similar manner.

PostgresPURE Service Level Agreement

The PostgresPURE service level is something that our customers point out as being best-in-class and an additional benefit in working with the PostgresPURE solution. We make agreements with every client specifically tailored to their needs and how they want to be supported. This is often a combination of working with our partners as well as the direct line support by Splendid Data’s Advanced Technical Support specialists. This results in the delivery of a comprehensive support approach and provides peace-of-mind for our customers. That is also The PostgresPURE Promise from Splendid Data.

Would you like to understand, in detail, how this can be implemented for your organisation? Contact us now and we will demonstrate all the benefits of PostgresPURE in a focused one-on-one session.