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Your data is your most valuable asset. So when it comes to ensuring its safety, security or migrating it to a different technology, understandably your experts will have a lot of questions. Our specialists are ready with all the answers:

Is it possible to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL?


A look at migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL is becoming more and more appealing to every size business with the rise of digital transformations, lower costs and the move to the public cloud. There’s a lot to consider and understand, and here we look into some of the key challenges you might encounter.

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What’s the best way to move to the cloud?


Lift and shift versus changing your tech

Today, many thousands of organisations are discussing the subject of moving to the cloud. And it does make perfect sense, as the cloud is a great way to reduce costs, increase agility and make a real difference to the way your business operates. But what’s better – lift and shift or changing your tech?

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Is there only one type of open source license?


A guide to open source licensing

Open source is meant to be 100% license free. But as you might expect, when something moves into the commercial world, there’s a little more to it than that. Here we explore open source licensing and a few key things to watch out for.

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How can we reduce our licensing costs?


The road to licensing with far lower costs

As your data volume increases, so does the cost of your licensing to hold that data goes up too – from more CPUs to database licenses. But can you reduce your licensing costs? Or reduce them completely? We take a look.

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Is open source really as good as they say?


The rise of open source

In the beginning, open source wasn’t greeted with open arms. But as the years have gone by, it’s grown to become a world-class, commercially viable solution. When you add in its low costs, robustness and data integrity, many are replacing old software with the open source variety. Let’s look into this in more detail.

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