Delivering the benefits of PostgreSQL

Lower costs, no licensing, lock-ins or catches. We believe you should have total freedom and agility to run your database tech your way.

Ora2Pg is free. But Cortex is cheaper. How?

Freedom here we come…

The digital transformation has made many organisations aware of the need to move to the cloud. With this move, the business becomes more scalable, more flexible and IT costs decrease. We have built a solution portfolio that enables our clients and partners to migrate Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL in the most efficient, effective and successful way. It’s up to you where the database migrated to PostgreSQL is deployed… on premise, in the Azure, Google or Amazon Cloud – the choice is yours. We make it possible. this is what we call freedom!

Azure, GCP or AWS Cloud

Our credo is “freedom and flexibility”. This means there is no vendor lock-in of any kind while migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL, which is why we always migrate to native PostgreSQL. It’s up to you where the database migrated to PostgreSQL is deployed…on premise, in the Azure, GCP or AWS Cloud.

Cloud is essential to your business strategy
The cloud is at the heart of digital transformation; it is powerful, highly cost-effective and enables organizations to create new business models and efficiencies. It offers businesses the opportunity to leverage advanced technologies and move to a service-based model.

  • Optimizing costs
  • Business flexibility & scalability
  • High availability
  • Security & automatic backup

Selection of companies who trust our products and services

Migration approach

Analyse & Plan

Migration Scoping visual Migration approach Splendid Data step 1-3

Migration Scoping

  • Shows the impact of migrating your Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL
  • Smart insights and overview
  • Within a few days a complete overview of your Oracle database environments
  • Highly automated in a uniform way
  • Small investment, great results
  • The input needed for a master plan

Assess & Migrate

Migration Scoping visual Migration approach Splendid Data step 1-3


  • Migrates Oracle databases to native PostgreSQL highly automated
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Extensive reporting and audit trail
  • User friendly interface which offers all kinds of migration settings
  • Integration with GIT (version management) and Jira (workload and issue management)
  • Supports a factory approach
  • The most effective and efficient solution to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL
  • Cheaper than free


Deploy visual Migration approach Splendid Data step 3-3

Freedom and flexibility

  • PostgreSQL is open source and you can deploy it wherever you want without any license constraints
  • Experience the capabilities and the ease of use of PostgreSQL
  • Everything you need for a much lower price
  • Data migration with zero downtime

Explore our proven Solutions

Migration Scoping. Small investment. Smart review. Great insights.

We give you in no time insight into the complexity of your Oracle databases so you are able to plan your migration strategy.

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Cortex. Migrate your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL with ease

Delivers the effortless migration of any Oracle database to native PostgreSQL without any vendor lock-in.

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PostgresPURE. 100% open source Enterprise-ready PostgreSQL

A powerful set of software tools that allow you to setup and manage your PostgreSQL database environment.

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We’ve helped companies like yours

“Splendid Data has been of great service to us to migrate our extensive and complex Oracle database, part of our standard Coswin Asset Management solution, to native PostgreSQL using Cortex. Coswin is used at more than 1,700 customer sites and tens of thousands of users in different industries worldwide.”

Adrian Boangiu
Research and Development Manager, Siveco Group

“Splendid Data has done us a great service by migrating our Oracle database, part of our online hotel distribution solution, to PostgreSQL using Cortex including the migration of our data with zero downtime at cutover. From that moment on, we were relieved of Oracle’s high prices and licensing restrictions regarding deployment in a cloud environment like Microsoft Azure.”

Markus Maissen
CEO, Reconline AG

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