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The Internet of Things and PostgresPURE

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The Internet of Things provides the opportunity to optimize operational processes or even to deliver new business models and service levels . As we wrote in the last blog, we think that databases suitable for the Internet of Things (IoT) are fast, scalable, fault-protected and suitable for various types of data. PostgresPURE combined with IBM PowerLinux delivers on all four of these requirements, complete with dramatically lower costs than any locked-in, vendor specific alternative.

The Internet of Things presents a tremendous opportunity for organisations of all types. Many are already realizing the benefits and capitalizing on these new business paradigms. To truly leverage this opportunity, you need a reliable and cost effective database to capture the data. This is advanced area of functionality that is delivered by PostgresPURE.

The PostgresPURE database is:

Fast: the performance of any database solution is dependent on the architecture. To make our database a leader in speed, we have partnered with IBM PowerLinux to enable our customers to realise unparalleled performance. This has been mission-critically tested and the results speak for themselves. Processing a large dataset with PostgresPURE and the IBM PowerLinux architecture is two times faster than EnterpriseDB’s database on top of the Intel-server.

Scalable: The PostgresPURE solution is deployable in the cloud, which makes expanding your database in the cloud as easy as plug and play. PostgresPURE is available on public cloud services likes Amazon and Microsoft Azure. You can also deploy our database in any private cloud environment to make sure your database is based in the country of choice and adhere to regional compliance requirements. In addition, you can combine all cloud solutions with on-premise as well, to make the database meet all your needs.

Fault-protected: all the necessary services to back-up the database or let clusters run simultaneously are standard in any deployment of the PostgresPURE database. If, for some reason, one database server is failing, your processes can continue without interruption, because all the tasks are immediately taken over by another database server.

Suitable for any type of data: PostgresPURE is a full featured relational database, making it suitable for structured data. However, we support Json, which makes PostgresPURE a perfect hybrid solution to store any kind of data. Whether you are measuring exact temperatures to give out warnings at the moment a certain temperature is reached, or whether you use data to predict global warming: PostgresPURE will support your every need.

The best solution for your IoT initiative

The PostgresPURE Promise: we offer the best alternative for any Oracle database or the Red Stack. We can deliver the best database and architecture for your IoT initiative with a cost savings of up to 95 per cent. PostgresPURE and IBM PowerLinux deliver that No-sweat Experience. We give you the Future-proof Guarantee, to make sure you will never be locked-in. You will be protected as the need to grow and move your database when necessary. All to offer you that Total Ownership Freedom.

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