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Postgres training

An overview of the various Postgres trainings developed and provided by Splendid Data or its partners.

SD100 – Splendid’s Postgres Database Administration (DBA): Standard Course

Splendid Data’s DBA training educates students in the skills to manage a Postgres DBA environment. The training course covers all basic and essential practical tasks to create a Postgres database. More information >

SD300 – Splendid’s Postgres Database Administration (DBA): Advanced Course

The Postgres DBA Advanced training course is aimed at database administrators that have worked with Postgres already and need to develop additional skills for creating and managing complex, large scale Postgres database environments. Special attention is given to subjects such as high availability, scalability and performance. More information >

SD500 – Splendid’s Postgres Database Development Course

The objective of the Postgres Development training course is to provide students with the ability to develop applications based on Postgres, with a primary focus on the database itself. More information >