Software Solution Partners

Applications from our Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) partners running on PostgresPURE are a perfect combination for your mission critical environments.
  • Siveco, International
  • Topicus, The Netherlands
  • Pinkroccade, The Netherlands

Services partners

Our Service Partners offer PostgresPURE subscriptions in combination with training, consultancy and (managed) infrastructure.
  • Atos, International
  • Bryxx, Belgium
  • Jstack, Belgium
  • OpenDB Team, Belgium
  • IntoData, Belgium
  • ITS Overlap, France
  • SCC, France
  • STartX, France
  • Think!, France
  • System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH (SVA), Germany
  • 12Apollos, The Netherlands
  • iAdvise Groep, The Netherlands
  • OptimaData, The Netherlands
  • Tectrade, The Netherlands
  • Adfinis SyGroup AG, Switzerland
  • I-Layer, United Kingdom

Cloud /Saas/etc Partners

Splendid Data supports Cloud/Saas/etc Partners who want to offer “enterprise” PostgreSQL services from a hosted infrastructure.
  • KPN , The Netherlands
  • Microsoft Azure, International
  • EVEA, France

Distribution Partners

Our Distribution Partners focus on delivering PostgresPURE subscriptions towards organizations, to offer these organizations release management on PostgreSQL, including 24×7 SLA-based technical support.
  • Tech Data Azlan, France
  • Comparex, The Netherlands
  • Protinus, The Netherlands
  • SoftwareOne, The Netherlands

Technology Partners

By aligning PostgresPURE with the technology of our Technology Partners, we are able to offer optimized and high-quality PostgreSQL solutions based on integrated technologies.
  • ATOS/Bull, International
  • IBM, International
  • Red Hat, International
  • SUSE, International