What is PostgresPURE?

The world’s only truly 100% Open Source Enterprise level alternative for Oracle!

Why PostgresPURE?

  • Matches functionality of Oracle.
  • Speed of innovation.
  • Ability to standardize…corporate database environment.
  • CPU based pricing.
  • 7×24 technical support.
  • Release management.
  • No vendor lock-in!

Advantages of PostgresPURE

  • No vendor Lock-in.
  • Automated installation.
  • No worries for maintenance, updates, version control and release management.
  • Components replaceable.
  • Available for Linux SUSE and others.
  • Cloud formatted and scalable.
  • Substantial TCO savings.
  • Pricing CPU based.
  • The way to standardize for now and in the future.
  • UGAP registration (applicable to France).

Delivering 24×7 SLA-based support and release management

on the following 100% Open Source components:

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